Friday, August 31, 2018

Our First Day

I hope that everyone was able to see my note on Class Dojo about the first day of school. I am truly awed by how amazing all your children were! It sure did not feel like a "first day" in kindergarten. You should all be very proud!

On our first day, we colored pictures, wrote our very first journal entry, drew self portraits, practiced fine motor skills by tearing colorful paper to decorate our names, and so much more! We learned about how to be safe and responsible in school, learned about our library, and much more about our school. It sure was a lot to figure out, but


-LUNCH VS SNACK- There was a lot of confusion with between "snack" and "lunch" yesterday so please take a moment and make sure your child knows the difference. The more they hear this the easier it will be for them to remember. We will always eat a snack FIRST and lunch LATER.  We will also eat snack in the classroom and lunch in the cafeteria. Also, don't forget to let them know what you've packed them for snack and lunch. A few clever parents labeled (which was not only a great emergent reader activity, but also very helpful for me, thank you!)

-NEW LUNCH PROCEEDURE- After reflection, I realized I wanted to change my morning routine a bit to make life easier. I made the pocket chart below to help expediate our routine. When students come in and drop off their folder in my folder bucket, they will also grab their lunch ticket. If they NEED lunch, they will put it in the first pocket (the girl with the school lunch tray). If they have a lunch but need a milk, they will put their lunch ticket in the middle pouch (please note: this is not snack milk) If they are all set and do NOT need a lunch, they can put their ticket in the last pouch that illustrates a mom handing a lunch bag to her child. Please share this information with your child before school on Tuesday so they know what to do. Thank you for helping make our morning more amazing!

- HEADPHONES - Starting soon, children will be learning how to use the computer! Children already have a set of school headphones to use, but you are more than welcome to pick out a special pair for your child and send them in for the year. The advantages to sending your own pair are: they are more likely to fit better, be more comfortable, they are more stylish, and they are easier to recognize! Please let me know if you plan on sending in your own headphones, and make sure to label them! 

That's all for now! Check back soon for more information!
- Miss Doherty

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

About Miss Doherty

Me and Pria at Acadia, August 2018

My name is Amanda Doherty (Miss Doherty), and I'm so excited to be joining the fantastic staff at WPS this year! You may recognize me from the Boost Summer School Program, or the hallways as I worked with second graders in Title 1 last year, but I am thrilled to be back teaching the grade I love the most: Kindergarten!

This year marks my 11th year in education, and my 5th year teaching kindergarten. I have an extensive background as an interventionist, and I have just recently completed my Master's Degree in Literacy through the University of New England.

My hobbies include hiking, kayaking, writing, and spending time with my family. While I do not have any children, I have an adorable 4 year old dog named Pria. This summer I took her to Acadia National Park, and she had a blast!

Our First Day

I hope that everyone was able to see my note on Class Dojo about the first day of school. I am truly awed by how amazing all your chil...